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Puppets dress up in their finest! | Group 4 Blog

Puppets dress up in their finest!

Puppets dress up in their finest!

Over the five weeks we’ve been present at Bridging the Gap, the puppets have grown to be very much part of the ‘drop in’. Even those people who hadn’t taken part were intrigued by them. I think our final invasion of the kitchen brought the whole project together. It wasn’t perfect in terms of manipulation of the puppets, not everybody created the puppet they ended up using and some people even joined in on only the final session. However, the connections and enthusiasm created by both the making of them and our brief film was undeniable.

 Participant quote – “I want to take it home and take care of it.”

We also loved the fact they had such an impact, that even when we weren’t present, the puppets had made another appearance on March 8th, dressed up in their finest clothes for International Women’s Day!

Puppets having a tea party for International Women’s Day.


Angela Smith

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